2022.1.19-StarMon AMA Recap-Game Progress Update

Hi, StarMon trainers, I am Andrei, the chief designer of StarMon.

We are planning to reopen the game on January 21st. We have prepared a lot of content for this version. Are you ready?

Before the start, I want to share an exciting news with you. NFT Seoul 2022 conference, which is organized by the well-known blockchain and NFT association KONCA, has started at 9:30am KST, January 19th. YooShi, the Top 1 GameFi LaunchPad, has shown on! What a fantastic news of StarMon. StarMon’s video has show on the conference which attracts a lot of attentions, it’s a good chance for us to expand Korean market!

Now, let’s start today’s AMA. I believer every StarMon trainers can’t wait anymore!

The game will have an updated version on January 21.

  1. Cancel EXP. and level system: We designed a more innovative and brand new StarMon energy system to replace the pervious EXP and level system, bringing brand new gameplay to all trainers!

2. Add energy system:

  • Starmons will consume energy when participate in PVE and win, but lose in PVE will not consume energy. Starmons cannot participate in PVE when energy is 0.

  • PVP does not consume energy. There will be no GST rewards from winning, only the leaderboard rewards.

3. StarMon will add star-level function:

  • After star-level upgrade, Starmons will have increased basic attributes.

  • After star-level upgrade, Starmons will have increased energy limit.

  • Starmons star-level upgrade will not be limited by race. For the consideration of economic value, Starmons that have perviously evolved to the second stage will have a default star-level of 1 star.

4. For the consideration of game data, the evolution function will be retaind, and the evolution of Starmon will be limited to the same race. The specific data is as following:

5. Add training system: The system can be used to improve Starmons’ training points which will improve Starmons attributes.

6. PVE will change to 7 stages and each stage will have a requirment based on the Starmon’s star-level, and the rewards will also have specific layers:

a. Forest: Teams with any Starmons can enter the exploration, rewards are relatively low.

b. Grassland: At least one 1-star Starmon in team can enter the exploration, rewards are normal.

c. Black Earth: At least one 2-star Starmon in team can enter the exploration, reward is higher than normal.

d. Swamp: At least one 3-star Starmon in team can enter the exploration, reward is higher.

e. Ruins: At least one 4-star Starmon in team can enter the exploration, reward is really high.

f. Palace: At least one 5-star Starmon in team can enter the exploration, reward is ultra high.

g. Purgatory: At least one 6-star Starmon in team can enter the exploration, reward is supreme high.


If only 1 Starmon meet the star amount requirements, it is Level One.

If 2 Starmons meet the star amount requirements, it is Level Two.

If 3 Starmons meet the star amount requirements, it is Level Three.

7. GST will support 2 decimal places, and will no longer appear in the props backpack in the form of props.

8. We received many feedback from players that some players often maliciously quit in the PVP mode, which seriously violated the fairness of the game. In order to ensure a good game experience. The PVP reputation point mechanism will be added. Players who quit the game maliciously for many times will deduct the player’s reputation points. When the reputation points reach the ban standard, the player will be banned from the game.

9. Add Friends Function:

Now, players can add other players as friends! More functions of friends will release soon!

10. Add PVP Emoji Function:

We believe PVP arena is the best stage to show player’s personality, and we found that emoji is the best choice for players fighting their enemies mentally. We secretly created new features for the emoji system to make it more interesting. You can add a little bit of your own personality to this game!

11. Add Photo Sharing Function:

The joy of every victory is worth sharing, and the unwillingness after defeat is worth remembering! We look forward to witness the growth of every trainer, so please share your wonderful moments in Andres Continent with everyone!

12. PVP operation waiting time will be reduced to 15 seconds to improve the game experience.

13. Team has fixed some bugs:

A. Fix some talents like Ignition which are not affecting.

B. Fix the problem that changing another Starmon will affect the enemy to release skill automatically.

C. Fix other existing bugs.

14. In addition, we would like to synchronize with you about our marketing plan:

First of all, we will start a new round of AMA global tour! That’s right, we are going to start a new round of global journey! At the same time, we are in contact with the world’s most influential YouTubers and Livestreamers to play the new version of StarMon game, and communicate with P2E guilds in Southeast Asia, Brazil and other places to start the scholarship program and comprehensive publicity in the local market!

Second, we’ll have a video contest on TikTok and a photo-sharing contest on Twitter; it’s going to be a whole new journey!

Finally, and also a very important point, we are conducting in-depth communication and cooperation with traditional games, such as PUBG, Pokémon and other well-known YouTubers, Twitch, Livestreamer and high-end players The launch of the Free to Play version will release in the future, StarMon will fully Enter the traditional game market! Are you ready?

At the Final

Due to the large amount of content in this update, we are reopening the game on January 21st, hope your understanding. At the same time, we will add a short-term test phase to experience the new version of the content and test. The game will finish all tests at 25th and reopen play to earn.

There are too many updates involved, so we need a few days to conduct a full test. In order to give a good game experience to every trainers, we have taken the decision to resume the game, but the P2E earning function is not open for the time being. Functions on web will not be affected, users can do star-level upgrade, evolution, training, and etc. The blind box, refining and other functions will be updated gradually in the next step.

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