Skills Settings

Skills Introduction

A Starmon can have up to 4 skills, and skills play a very important role in the battle scene. ​ ​

Starmon skills also have elemental attributes, including common, metal, wood, earth, water, fire, flying, thunder, light, darkness, poison, and dragon. When using skills, the constraints of element attributes also apply. If the skill element attribute is consistent with its own element attribute, there will be an additional 20% damage bonus.

Each skill has power and hit rate settings. The understanding is that the stronger the power, the higher the damage effect; the higher the hit rate, the more effective the skill can hit the enemy.

Each battle has an upper limit for the number of times that each skill can be used. Once the upper limit is exceeded, the skill can no longer be used. When all skills have not been used for the number of times, a basic attack will be performed when selecting an attack, but it will cause a certain amount of damage to itself.

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