Quest System

StarMon's Quest system consists of three main categories: daily Quest, weekly Quest and special Quest.

Daily Quest: Quests can be completed in one day, and daily quests earn rewards. Daily quests reset the next day whether they are completed or not. The daily mission reward has three levels based on the star level of the player's pet, and the higher the star level of the pet, the higher the reward.

Currently, in the Daily tasks, players need to complete three sub-tasks: logging in to the game daily, completing 10 times in Adventure Mode and winning 5 matches in PVP mode, and upon completion, they will receive their daily task rewards.

Weekly Quest:A week is a cylce. Players will be rewarded for completing tasks during the week, and missions will be reset weekly. The weekly quest will go live after the game has released for a period of time.

Special Quest:StarMon game will provide a series of special tasks for players to challenge and complete, and different types of questwill lead to different rewards.

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