There may also be different potentials for different ability values between different Starmons of the same race. Every Starmon has a potential evaluation score for six ability values, the lowest is 1 point, and the highest is 10 points. The ability value varies with the evaluation score, if all of the six ability values are 1 point, meaning the Starmon is the weakest

In the game, the evaluation of potential genes is visually displayed in the form of a radar map on the Starmon information panel, and the corresponding specific evaluation scores will be expressed in numbers under the radar map.

About the influence of breeding and potential genes

pageGene for Potential

Potential Improve

Each starmon can reset potential. Up to 5 race values that you do not want to reset can be locked, which will increase the cost of reset.

Step1: enter the potential cleaning interface.

Step 2: Click "Select NFT" to Select a starmon.

Step 3: Select potential projects to target.

Step 4: click Approve.

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