Battle Mechanics

Introduction of Battle Mechanics

StarMon's battle mechanics are turn-based, with players controlling their Starmons from a third perspective. Each turn, the enemy and the Starmon move once in each line until all enemies are defeated.

About the number of Starmons in battle

The number of Starmons required depends on the Gameply mode. Basic PVE 1V1 scenarios require 1 primary Starmon + 2 support Starmons, while advanced PVE or PVP scenarios require 2 primary Starmons + 2 support Starmons.

About the attacking turn

The speed in the ability value determines the order of the Starmon's attacks and has a significant impact on the pace of the game. A turn is considered to be one when each player completes an action.

Players can perform every action manually or activate the system's Auto Battle Mode to handle every command in battle in a smart way. However, the auto battle mode does not help players to rotate their Starmons, only when a Starmon is ready, the system will automatically select the next Starmon to fight.

About the winning conditions

If all of your opponents' Starmons life value drops to zero life within the turn limit, you will be deemed to have won.

About the ability level

For all five basic ability values except HP, you can raise or lower them by up to plus or minus 6 levels each. Starmon disappears when it comes off the field and has an initial ability level of 0 in battle.

Specifically, the modifiers for the five ability levels - Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed - are based on (2/2), with the numerator increasing one by one when the ability level is greater than 0 and the denominator increasing one by one when the ability level is less than 0. The upper limit of the ability level is 6 and the lower limit is -6. The final ability of a Starmon is obtained by multiplying the ability value of the Starmon by the modifier of the ability level in a battle.

For example:If a Starmon raises the ability level by 1 level, then its ability level is: (2+1)/2=1.5, i.e. attack ability modifier x1.5 times; if a Starmon lowers the ability level by 1 level, then the ability level is: 2/(2+1)=0.67, i.e. attack ability modifier x0.67 times.

About weather system

In game battles, weather can affect Starmons with different characteristics or elemental attributes, such as add specific ability buff.

About the Venue System

Starmons adapt to different battle scenarios according to their characteristics and receive special ability buff.

About Abnormalies

Starmons can put the enemy Starmon into an abnormal state by attacking in the following ways:

Abnormal stateState description


A poisoned Starmon loses 1/8 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn.


A Starmon intoxiced state loses (HP max x 1/16HP ) x the number of turns it has been in play at the end of each turn; the number of turns resets whethe Starmon at that state is rotateded.


Starmons in scorched state deal half the damage with physical functions and lose 1/16th of their maximum HP at the end of each turn.


Paralyzed Starmon's speed is reduced to 1/2, and it has a 25% chance of failing every time it uses a skill.


Sleeping Starmon cannot use any skills (unless the skill states that it can be used in sleeping state), the sleeping state lasts for 2-4 rounds and will be released before the last move, so the actual inability to move is 1-3 rounds.


Frozen Starmon can't use any skill, there is 25% chance to release the frozen status before the move, if the opponent uses fire skills, the frozen status of the Starmon will be released automatically.


A Starmon in chaos has a 1/3 chance of not being able to use a move, and deals 40 elementless physical damage to itself for 1~4 turns at random.

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