2022.4.11-StarMon VIP System is Coming!

StarMon trainers, we plan to add a VIP system in April version updating which will allow you enjoy various privileges in the game through VIP.

Details About VIP


By staking different amounts of SMON on the website, you will get different levels of VIP privileges in the game. Currently, VIP is divided into 4 levels which requires different number of staked SMON and staking time. Different VIP levels enjoy different privileges.

VIP Level

VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, and SVIP.

VIP Privileges

Currently including the following items, more privileges will be added in the future:

1. Daily treasure box with premium prop fragment in it;

2. StarMon props with levels as gift;

3. Arena Inspiration Halo;

4. Increased the number of challenges;

5. Increased the number of kicks in the Arena;

6. In-game store discount;

7. Shorten the opening time of treasure box.

(The specific value is still being adjusted, please stay tuned!)

Staking Introduction:

1. Staking a specified number of SMON on the website to obtain a corresponding VIP level. You can also upgrade from VIP1 to SVIP by increasing staking amount.

2. Staked SMON tokens can only be unstaked when the staking time expires.

3. When the staking expires, privileges will become invalid. You need to re-stake to get VIP privileges.

4. When the staking expires, you can release the staking manually. After unstaking, all SMON will be returned to your wallet.

Thanks for your always support!

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