GST Withdrawal Process

Step 1: enter the Starmon market and click " My Wallet " in the upper right corner“

Step 2: click "Claim GST" on the left

Step 3: click Apply next to the GST asset to withdraw the in-game GST

Step 4: wait 72 hours after the withdrawal is completed, and return to this interface to claim GST to account immediately.


  • 1. The minimum amount of GST withdrawn by players each time is 300;

  • 2. Wait 72 hours after each withdrawal;

  • 3. The interval between two withdrawals is 72 hours, that is, players need to wait at least 72 hours to start another withdrawal after last one;

  • 4. After the waiting time for GST withdrawal, players need to return to the interface for GST claim;

  • 5. The above time is BSC network time, which is calculated according to conventional block generation efficiency. However, when congestion occurs on the network, GST withdrawal will be delayed accordingly, please wait patiently.

GST Contract: 0x433fde7d1b7e2105aa8d0a2dde7fb1389b35edb8


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