Common Question

Q1: How to download the game?

A: Enter Starmon's official website and click "Play Now" in the navigation bar to access the game client download interface. Android version only at present, and other versions such as IOS will be available later. Official website link:

Q2: Where can I buy Starmon NFT, and what is the minimum number of participation required?

A: It takes 3 or 4 Starmons to participate in a battle, so the minimum number is 3 Starmons. Starmon Market Link:

Q3: It needs to scan the QR code when logging in the game client, which QR code should I scan?

A: Click Market Place in the upper right corner of the official website:, then My Wallet, and Show QR to get a login QR code. The QR code can only be used on one device at a time, please refresh and re-acquire a QR code if change another device.

Q4: What is the energy consumption and the recovery time?

A: A successful stage clear will consume a point of energy in adventure mode, failure will not consume energy. The energy value will be recovered to the maximum at a fixed time each day.

Q5: Why there is no experience value or a system prompt showing Failed Stage Clear in some cases?

A: You can continue the adventure if you run out of energy, but there’s no experience reward when the adventure ends. In addition, new stages clear in adventure will also not counted as successful clears. It is recommended to make use of this mechanism to try those difficult stages, try your lineups over and over again, and when you have the energy, you can pass easily.

Q6: What's the difference between an Egg and a Starmon?

A: Egg is summoned by two Starmons by consuming BNB and SMON (it will be adjusted later). Eggs go through a 5-day incubation period after birth (Eggs from Genesis parents only need 3 days). After the incubation, players can acquire a new Starmon. The newly summoned Starmon can participate in game battles just like other Starmons.

Q7: How to know how many times the Starmon has summoned?

A: In the Starmon details page, you can see Starmon’s summoning times, 0/7 means the Starmon has not summoned, while 7/7 means the Starmon can’t summon anymore.

Q8: How to transfer Starmon NFT?

A: Each Starmon NFT is a chain asset with its own smart contract that can be transferred through ImYoshi APP or other third-party APPs. The specific process can be referred to:

Q9: Why your Starmon can’t fight on the battle?

A: Starmon NFT, which has participated in the battle on the day, cannot fight again after transferring the address, and have to wait for the next day's energy refresh.

Q10: How to breed Starmon?

A: For a detailed description of breeding and related processes, you can learn more here:

Q11: How to view the incubation period of my eggs and how to get a new Starmon after the incubation period?

A: Go to link to your wallet, click on "My Wallet" in the upper right corner to find the Starmon or Egg NFT you already own, click the Egg NFT to see when the incubation ends. Click the hatching button when the incubation is end, then you will get a new Starmon after paying a small BSC gas fee.