2022.1.25-StarMon P2E is Backing!

StarMon trainers, thanks for your patient waiting. StarMon P2E is backing with some significant adjustments!

To prepare for the launch of P2E version, StarMon testing version will be closed at 8:00 UTC, January 26th.

And Beta version will be launched at 00:00 UTC, January 27th with the accessing of P2E in the game.

In the Beta version, there are some adjustments.

  • PVE Optimization: Simplified the difficulty of instance. A successful challenge will consume Starmon 5 points of energy.

  • Withdrawal adjustment: The withdrawal receiving time is adjusted to 14 days.

  • Fix some bugs encountered in the testing version.

We are currently fixing bugs such as players’ points are reset on the second day of PVP.

Future Adjustments

Besides, StarMon will have some significant adjustments in the future and we would like to share with our trainers in advance.

1. The dual-token model (SMON-GST) will be adjusted to a new economic model with SMON as the core. More details about the specific model will be announced successively. GST will gradually exit from the market. But don’t worry, we have prepared specific exiting policy for it which will be announced later.

2. StarMon game’s P2E model will also be adjusted according to the single-coin model to form a new P2E gameplay. Please wait for our annoucement about more details.

3. A series of DeFi gameplay will be established around SMON to improve SMON liquidity and staking volume.

4. Starmons’ cultivation gameplay will be converted into using corresponding NFT props in future versions, and the output of NFT props will be obtained by picking up in the game (probability of dropping) or staking SMON.

5. Develop a Free-to-Play version to get more traditional game players join the game.

6. Player Incentive Fund: 25% of the team’s SMON token allocations (5% of total supply) will be unlocked in mid-March. StarMon team will use these tokens as player incentive fund to encourage and thanks players who accompany StarMon and give StarMon continuous support. The specific incentive policies and distribution rules will be released with the subsequent new version plans.

Here, whole StarMon team would like to take the chance to all holders and players for the continued support. Your support has accompanied StarMon to move forward firmly!

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