2022.1.6-StarMon Economic Upgrade & Recent Progress

Hello StarMon Trainers, we have received many feedbacks and suggestions from community since StarMon elite test version. We really appreciate for your support. According to the recent problems in running StarMon game, development team has been thinking deeply for further updates.

Summary of Existing Problems

  1. $SMON circulation has been over released after the finish of Genesis NFT mining.

A large amount of $SMON was unstaked from the Genesis mining pool at the end of the Genesis Badge NFT mining which broke the original stability of circulation. Although YooShi Farm 2.0 adds new empowerment to the Genesis Badges and brings more liquidity to $SMON, it has to be admitted that these released circulations have not reached the previous $SMON lock-up volume.

2. The game economic mode has potential issues.

The core economic model of StarMon learns from Axie Infinity, which is the pioneer and leader of P2E game. It is a very good P2E game. However, the drawbacks of Axie Infinity’s economic model are also more prominent in the context of rapid changes in the entire P2E game market.

3. There is no obvious difference between low-quality and high-quality Starmons’ earnings.

A reasonable and clear P2E revenue division helps players with different investment levels to generate different revenue returns during P2E. We have noticed that there were many issues in the early stages of game’s launch. We find a way to resolve them.

4. Inadequate Preparation for Gameplay.

As the development of the on-chain gameplay and smart contract development did not keep up with the overall process of game development, the multiple GST consumption systems were not launched when the game P2E function was live. This also led to single consumption of GST.

After in-depth exchanges and communication with YooShi and DNAxCAT teams, we finally decided to start the economic model upgrade and gamplay adjustment. (Here we would like to thanks DNAxCAT team, they shared a lot of experience as the pioneer of the initial economic model.)

Adjustment of StarMon’s Economic Model

Empower governance token $SMON : Stake $SMON and you will get veSMON.

  1. About veSmon

  • veSMON will be the only token for important decisions of StarMon DAO, which can only be obtained by staking $SMON.

  • veSMON can’t be traded.

  • The longer you stake $SMON, the more veSMON you can get.

  • After the staking expires, the amount of veSMON will become 0 and players can redeem staked $SMON.

2. What is the use of veSMON?

  • Governance rights on DAO platform : DAO’s voting rights for important decisions;

  • In-game income dividends: Users can obtain in-game income dividends based on holdings of veSMON.

  • Necessary condition for participating in the purchase of rare resources.

3. How to get veSMON?

SMON staking entrance will be designed on the Dashboard. Enter the amount of SMON tokens and choose the time you want to stake, you can get veSMON. The staking time affects the total amount of veSMON you get.

4. The Source of In-game Dividends

Holders of staking $SMON (veSMON) will share most of the platform’s income, which comes from the following two aspects:

  • Adjustment of trading fee and service fee on market.

Currently, trading market only supports $BNB, and 4.5% of each transaction will be used as service fee.

After adjustment:

3% enter into veSMON Staking Bonus Pool;

1.5% use as YooShi protocol maintenance fee (10% of which go to YooShi developers for protocol maintenance; 40% enters into YooShi community treasury; 50% is swapped into YOOSHI and burned)

  • Income from Starmons Breeding Services

At the current stage, the income of breeding system consists of $SMON and $BNB. A certain proportion of $SMON (50% in the initial stage) will go to veSMON Staking Bonus pool, and the rest will enter the community treasury. $BNB will be automatically swapped into in-game tokens according to a certain percentage (100% in the initial stage) and burned. The remaining $BNB will go to veSMON Staking Bonus pool.

In the initial stage, the community treasury will moderately subsidize the veSMON Staking Bonus pool.

5. How do veSMON holders get in-game dividends?

veSMON holders will be able to obtain real-time extractable income from the platform every week. The dividends are determined by the amount of veSMON held by the user and the platform’s income in the week. If User A owns 10,000 SMON tokens and locks them in DAO for 4 years, then User A can get 10,000 veSMON.

Example: Suppose that in the past week, the total amount of veSMON hold by the user is 100,000, and there are 1,000 BNB and 10,000 SMON revenue in veSMON Staking Bonus Pool, according to the rules, the User A can get 100 BNB and 1,000 SMON.

6. The Swap Between SMON and veSMON

The actual value may be adjusted.

Adjustment of Existing Gameplay

Gameplay adjustments: Establish a brand-new P2E system around the core cultivation system.

  1. Adjustments on Energy System

  • Delete total energy logic

  • Increase energy logic for each Starmon which will increase with the improvement of Starmon’s level. Starmon’s energy will reset everyday. The higher level of a Starmon, higher energy it will have.

2. Adjustments on Starmon Evolution

  • Starmon’s evolution will be shown as star levels up and there are 6 star levels in total.

  • It takes another starmon in same race and some GST to upgrade the star level for a Starmon.

  • There will be a sign for star levels and improve some race points.

  • Starmon with 3 stars will have appearance change.

  • Starmon’s star level will affect PVE and new stage instance have some requirements on Starmon star levels.

  • Evolved Starmon will be set as 1-star level by default.

3. Adjustments on PVE Stage

The stages will be changed into 7 instances and there are clear entry requirements for each instance.

Forest: A team with any Starmon can enter to explore and the reward is low.

Steppe: A team with at least one star level 1 Starmon can enter to explore and the reward is normal.

Black soil: A team with at least one star level 2 Starmon can enter to explore and the reward is higher than normal.

Moors: A team with at least one star level 3 Starmon can enter to explore and the reward is high.

Relic: A team with at least one star level 4 Starmon can enter to explore and the reward is very high.

Palace: A team with at least one star level 5 Starmon can enter to explore and the reward is super high.

Inferno: A team with at least one star level 6 Starmon can enter to explore and the reward is ultra high.

Sacred Realm: A team with all star level 6 Starmons can enter to explore and the reward is ULTIMATE high.

Besides, Starmon level settings are canceled and no experience will be earned. All the Starmon level will be set at 50 and it will not be shown.

4. Invitation Rebate System

To encourage players to invite other players, some consumptions of a player in StarMon will reward the inviters.

  • 10% of SMON + BNB used for breeding will be rewarded to the player’s inviter;

  • 10% of the trading fee (BNB part) in Starmon trading market will be used to motivate the player’s inviter;

  • In addition, StarMon will reward the top 500 promoters according to the monthly income ranking with a certain amount of SMON tokens.

5. Other Adjustments

  • GST is changed to the currency system, which supports 2 decimal places and no longer be applied in the prop backpack in the form of props.

  • Daily task adjustment.

  • Other corresponding in-game adjustments.

  • The relevant numerical adjustments involved above will be supplemented and released later.

After the above adjustments, StarMon will take Starmon Star cultivation as the core system, which will determine and directly affect players’ P2E income. At the same time, Star cultivation will consume a lot of GST and Starmons.

A Glimpse of New Gameplay

There are various ways of consuming GST and interesting gameplay!

Potential Polish System

1. Maximum value of each potential are 10.

2. When polishing potential, the value of each potential will be randomly obtained, the value will be within the range of 1 to 10.

3. Polishing potential will consume a certain amount of GST.

4. Players can lock the value of each potential, once the potential is locked, it will not change during the upgrade.

5. Once multiple potentials are locked, the consumption of GST will increase for the next polish.

6. Players are able to lock up to 6 potentials. If all potentials are locked, player are not able to polish their Starmons.

Character Polish System

1. Character polish will consume GST.

2. The result of character polish will be randomly selected.

Training System

1. Starmon’s attributes can be trained by players.

2. Each Starmon has 12 training points in total and each attribute can be improved up to 6 points.

3. Once the training is completed, players are not able to change the result.

We add more flexibilities on the potential polish system to meet each player’s expectation. Although the lock-in system may disrupt the fairness of the game, more GST will be consumed during the upgrade which will benefit all StarMon players.

For the character polish, the result is random. Player does not know the result until the end, probably the result may be the best to your Starmon.

The training system allow players to upgrade a specific skill of a Starmon. However, each Starmon has 12 chances of training, and those result are not reversible.

Since the first day of StarMon, the team has continuously worked on providing players better game experience. First, the server has expand 10 times more than the original server volume. Next, the automatic battle system has been brought to the game. Last, the game has been updated more than 15 times to fix glitches in the game. The above contributions by the team allow players to experience an eye-opening journey in StarMon metaverse.

Marketing Expansion Plan in the Future

We joined the P2E alliance (Play to earn game guild alliance) on September 30, 2021. We appreciate that YooShi provides us with a lot of resources.

About Guilds- We have already cooperated with about 30 Guilds at present, including:

  1. Unix Guild: Top guild from Philippines. It has more than 1,000 Axie scholars, covering 300,000+ users. It is influential in Southeast Asia. Unix Guild is also the key association of AXIE in Philippines, so it has significant meaning for us!

  2. Locan Gaming: An Emerging Malaysian Guild. Their team members are all the early bird players of AXIE, and it has 20 AXIE elite community managers.

  3. Play It Forward: Top Guild from Singapore. It has received investment from many first tier institutions such as LD capital, AU21, etc. We have reached in-depth cooperation and are going to launch the scholarship program together.

At the same time, listing on CEX is in the plan and we are working on it. We will continue to develop cooperation with top guilds all over the world.

Plan of Expanding Local Markets

The core areas of our expansion in Q1 and Q2 of 2022 will be South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia with Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines as the core. We will work with well-known local KOLs, associations and local communities to start the global marketing!

Follow us:

Website: https://starmon.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarMonGame

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