Origin Starmon

The Origin Starmon is the name of the first Starmons at the beginning of the game, and the earliest descendent Starmons were also bred from the Origin ones. The Origin Starmons are extremely scarce as it is a limited edition.

Each quality of NFT badge can be exchanged for three types of Starmons, with one exception - the Shadow.

Each quality of badge NFT has a certain chance of earning a shadow, the higher the quality of the NFT badge, the higher the chance of earning a shadow, and vice versa.

There are currently 19 types of Origin Starmons that can be exchanged through the NFT badge, except for Shadow, the other 18 types of Origin Starmons are classified according to the quality of the NFT badge as follows:

pageBlack Iron BadgepageBronze BadgepageSilver BadgepageGold BadgepageDiamond BadgepageLegendary Badge

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