2022.3.19-StarMon Betting Function Will Go Live

StarMon trainers, the game will close temporarily for maintenance.

Maintenance Time: 9:00AM ~ 10:30AM, March 19

The betting function will open on Arena, the details are as follows:

1. The room types for different amounts of the bet: 50 $GST room, 100 $GST room and 500 $GST room. Players can choose any room to battle.

2. The final destination of the betting funds: 100% of the winner’s bet will be returned, and 80% of the loser’s GST bet will be owned by the winner, 10% of the GST will enter the prize pool, and the last 10% will be directly burned.

3. This is the early access stage for the upcoming betting mechanism, and this stage will last for 15 days. Players can share GST in the prize pool according to the points ranking of battles after the early access stage. The specific distribution ratio will be announced later, please keep following.

4. The official will invest 100,000 GST as the pot of the prize pool of this time, and 100,000 GST in the community treasury will be burned after all rewards are distributed.

5. As for the time of each session of the bet and the betting mechanism of this early experience, we also want to listen to players’ opinions and feedback. We will soon have a vote to welcome players to give feedback on the length of each session, which we will take into consideration.

In addition, about the reset of PVP points today:

Some players noticed that today’s PVP points have been reset, this is because the update of the new version involves the correlative mechanism of PVP.

Thanks for your love and support of StarMon!

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